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This Prince tribute doesn't imitate or copy the master but invites guest artists in the genre to play their own versions of the hits and funky party tunes his holiness blessed us with thru the years. About the band: The Bobby James Family invites U-gene, (who was part of the official Dutch tribute to Prince at Paradiso, Amsterdam) he is also ex singer of Kraak & Smaak and his favourite tune is 'If I was Your Girlfriend'. Ludoviq is a critically acclaimed singer who's been blessed with an amazing voice and funky moves, after performing a tribute to d'Angelo last year his favourite song to perform live is 'She's Always In My Hair'. Gustaph is the Belgian legend who can hit more high tones than his female colleagues singing 'I Wanna be Your Lover' and N8N who organised the official Prince after shows in Brussels in 2010 & 2011 likes to end the show with the purple yoga's funkiest hit 'Kiss'. This all star band will rock you party!